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VOGUE - A New York Wedding With Touches of the Couple’s English and Japanese Traditions


ALEX DELANY - Everything Good on the Lower East Side


GOTHAMIST - Grubhub Celebrates Pi Day With NYC’s Best Pies


EATER - 15 Essential New York Bakeries


INFATUATION - Where To Preorder Thanksgiving Pies In NYC


THRILLIST - The 15 Best Places for Pie in NYC

PASTRY ARTS MAGAZINE - Issue 10, Winter 2021


EATER NY - NYC Bakeries Selling (or giving away) Sourdough Starter Right Now

GOTHAMIST - A Selective Guide to Some of NYC's Delicious Takeout Options

EATER NY - Where to Buy Fresh Bread for Takeout or Delivery in NYC Right Now

FOOD NETWORK - The Best Bread Bakeries in America

HOODLINE - 3 New Bakeries in New York City

JAUNT GUIDE - Featuring Partybus Bakeshop

THE TALKBACK - The Art of Baking - Episode 38

GOTHAMIST - Some Of NYC’s Best New Cookies (And Croissants! And Bread!)...

BOWERIE BOOGIE - Partybus Bakeshop Parks itself on Essex Street

CONCERT HONESTY - Jacqueline Russo Eng - Episode 38

BITES + BEATS - Musicians in the Kitchen Podcast - Episode 2

THE NEW YORK TIMES - Front Burner - Tasty Carbs on the Upper East Side

TASTING TABLE - What to Eat in NYC Right Now - Olive Rosemary Bread from Boulangerie V

NEW YORK POST - It's easier than ever to satisfy your carb cravings 

EDIBLE MANHATTAN - Pop Up Baking Class on the Upper East Side

NEWSDAY - The Flour Shoppe debuts Artisan Bread

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